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Critical Illness Insurance


With today's medical diagnostics and technology chances are excellent that



Have you heard of
any of these famous people?

Michael J. Fox     .....     Parkinson's      Julie Andrews     .....     Cancer
Hugh Jackman     .....    Cancer     Princess Margaret  ..    Stroke
Annette Funicello  .....   M.S.     Katherine Hepburn .     Parkinson's
Kirk Douglas        .....     Stroke     Richard Pryor     .....      M.S.
Muhammed Ali    .....      Parkinson's     Shirley Temple    .....    Cancer
Arnold Palmer      .....     Cancer     Linda McCartney ...      Cancer
Christopher Reeve ...    Parapalegic     Steve McQueen  .....    Cancer
Paul Newman         .....   Cancer     Pierre Trudeau   .....     Cancer
Suzanne Sommers ....   Cancer     Steven Jobs     .......     Cancer

And the list of famous people with a Critical Illness goes on and on and on.


Who do YOU know among your family, friends, or associates
who have been diagnosed with Cancer, Stroke, or Heart Disease?


If you should ever get diagnosed with a Critical Illness condition,
I can send you a Get Well card and flowers ...




I can send you a Get Well card plus tens of thousands (or much more) of
Tax Free dollars to allow you to focus on a speedy recovery
and alleviate your financial stress.


  Physicians and technology
will help to keep you alive
  Peter Lantos Insurance
will keep you alive


Critical illness insurance protects you from the financial hardship
that results from
surviving a critical illness by providing you with
Tax Free dollars to expedite your recovery.


The following illnesses are covered by many policies in Canada.

Cancer   /   Stroke   /   Heart attack   /   Coronary By-Pass   /  Paralysis   /
Alzheimer's   /   Parkinson's   /   Blindness   /  Deafness   /
Organ Transplant   /   Kidney Failure   /   Multiple Sclerosis   /  Coma   / 
Loss of Speech   /   Loss of Limbs   /   Occupational HIV   /  ALS   /
Benign Brain Tumour   /   Stage A prostate cancer   /  Aortic surgery
Early onset of Diabetes   /   Loss of Independence   /  Heart Valve replacement


Insurance policies are not created equal. Nuances in policy definitions and provisions can mean
the difference between rock solid protection and mediocre coverage ... getting paid vs. not getting paid.

Contact us to provide you with expert analysis and unbiased honest advice for your specific requirements!


For your safety, applying for insurance has never been easier!

No medical exams  ... No blood ... No urine ... No needles

No nurses ... No stress tests ... No need to meet face-to-face.

Your application is taken over the phone by myself or on-line via Zoom.
We do not have to meet in person.


We are located in the forest city of London, ON and we serve clients in the GTA and all over Ontario.

For your safety, we no longer meet face-to-face. All meetings are done via telephone and Zoom.

Let's have a conversation about your needs and how we may be able to help you.

Tel: 519 860 9808

Toll Free: 1 844 416 6358


Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

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