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Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life


The #1 worry for most retirees is ... Will our retirement income last as long as we will?


Are you hoping your money will last as long as you will? Then stop hoping because yes you can retire and you can stay retired without any worries if you have a secured source of income for life.
This Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life investment is for retirees and pre-retirees who are risk averse to the volatile markets and are looking for
and guarantees to ensure that they will never outlive their retirement income.

Do you know with 100% certainty that your retirement investments will last the rest of your Life? Take into consideration volatile markets, political unrest, inflation, health care, and increased life expectancy. It's hard to predict how long your retirement investments will last! But what if you could enjoy your retirement with the peace of mind knowing that you will never run out of money?
1)  Longevity Canadians are living longer than ever before.
2)  Market volatility a global economy guarantees that market volatility is here to stay.
3)  Inflation always lurking in the shadows and ready to erode your purchasing power.
4)  Healthcare government cutbacks + increased longevity = higher healthcare costs.
5)  Covid 19 shut down the global economy and creating havoc on the stock market.

Consider this for a moment

In 1990, a 5 year GIC paid 10% interest. In 2020, a 5 year non-redeemable GIC pays between 0.95% to 2.5% depending on the institution. Let's assume an investment of $500,000 in GICs.

1990    $500,000 GIC @ 10% = $50,000 / year or $4,166 / month

 2020     $500,000 GIC  @ 2.5% = $12,500 / year or $1,041 / month


Outliving your retirement income savings ... is the #1 concern for most retirees.


Key Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Will my current retirement income last as long as I will?
2. Can I afford yet another big down-turn in the market like that of 2008-09 and again in 2020?
3. Am I sleeping well each night and do I have peace of mind with my current investments?
Are my current "safe" investments providing me with a GUARANTEED minimum of 4% per  
year for the rest of my Life?



Major Advantages of the Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life


100% GUARANTEES  +   FLEXIBILITY  +   LIQUIDITY  -  for today, tomorrow and for Life

Provides much greater flexibility and liquidity than Annuities

Guaranteed Income for Life  -  Superior to GICs, bonds, and most mutual funds / seg funds


No market volatility  -  just peace of mind and 100% certainty for the rest of your Life.
Your guaranteed income will be totally sheltered and protected against market fluctuations.

If the markets do well, your GUARANTEED Retirement Income for Life could increase
If the markets do poorly, your GUARANTEED Income for Life will NEVER decrease
You will NEVER outlive your GUARANTEED Retirement Income for Life
The market value of your investment is 100% liquid at all times should you need it
Your beneficiaries will receive 100% of the market value upon your death on funds not used
You will avoid costly probate and estate & admin fees and endless delays for your heirs
Your GUARANTEED Retirement Income for Life is secured from creditors

Your investment is guaranteed by one of the largest life insurance companies in Canada and you have additional assurance that your  investment is protected by

You will have certainty, flexibility, guarantees, security and the potential for growth.
GUARANTEED Retirement Income that will last the rest of your life with peace of mind



Investments are not created equal.

Contact us to to have a conversation about your
risk profile, time horizon, suitability and your unique circumstances.
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For your safety, applying for investments has never been easier.

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We do not have to meet in person.


We are located in the forest city of London, ON and we serve clients in the GTA and all over Ontario.

For your safety, we no longer meet face-to-face. All meetings are done via telephone and Zoom.

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Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

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