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Long Term Care Insurance



Good news ... Rapid advances in medical technology
 allow Canadian seniors to live longer than ever before.


 Bad news ... Many aging seniors will spend their last
  dollars in their final few years to pay for long term care.


A 1992 study by the Health Insurance Association of America found  that we have a 40% chance
of requiring  long term care by age 65, and a 60% chance of requiring long term care by age 75.


Who will take care of you
when you cannot take care of yourself?

Where will the money come from
to pay for Home Care or Facility Care services?

Will your savings and investments be depleted
by paying for expensive Home Care or Facility Care?


Long term care insurance will allow you to maintain your
pride, dignity, quality of life, & financial independence.



The average male lived to age 42 and the average female lived to 46.


The average male lived to age 77 and the average female lived to 82.

And we continue to live longer and longer!


The fear of dying too soon has been replaced by the consequences of living too long.


If you should ever need Long Term Care, I can send you flowers




I can send you flowers plus tens of thousands (or much more) of
Tax Free dollars to help you alleviate your financial stress.


The need for Long Term Care is often brought upon by illnesses such as:
Arthritis  /  Parkinson's  /  Alzheimer's /
Emphysema  /  Multiple Sclerosis  /  Cancer  /  Paraplegia /
Debilitating Illness or Injury /  Old-age fragility


Who will care for you ...
when you cannot take care of yourself?
Will your earnings and investments be depleted
by paying for the high cost of home care or facility care?


You can protect
your savings and your family assets.
No one wants to be a burden on their family!


Long Term Care insurance allows you to maintain:
your pride
your dignity
your integrity
 your independence
 and your quality of life


Insurance policies are not created equal. Nuances in policy definitions and provisions can mean
the difference between rock solid protection and mediocre coverage ... getting paid vs. not getting paid.

Contact us to provide you with expert analysis and unbiased honest advice for your specific requirements!


Peter is an Elder Planning Counselor (since 2004)
 Charter Member of the Canadian Institute for Elder Planning Studies



For your safety, applying for insurance has never been easier!

No medical exams  ... No blood ... No urine ... No needles

No nurses ... No stress tests ... No need to meet face-to-face.

Your application is taken over the phone by myself or on-line via Zoom.
We do not have to meet in person.


We are located in the forest city of London, ON and we serve clients in the GTA and all over Ontario.

For your safety, we no longer meet face-to-face. All meetings are done via telephone and Zoom.

Let's have a conversation about your needs and how we may be able to help you.

Tel: 519 860 9808

Toll Free: 1 844 416 6358


Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

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