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Life Insurance



Individuals can use life insurance as a Tax Free vehicle to :

  *  ensure the financial security of your loved ones
*  protect your assets from Canada Revenue Agency (the taxman)
*  protect your home and/or cottage (see further down for additional details)
*  reduce the taxes you pay
*  equalize the inheritance among your children
*  protect your RRSPs and RRIFs
*  create an immediate and significant estate
*  pay off all outstanding debts (loans, credit cards, taxes, etc)
retire with a 100% Gteed rate for life, with returns above GICs
*  increase your retirement income
*  provide tax deferred investments outside of your RRSPs
*  provide a tax free Estate Transfer to your beneficiaries
*  "buy term and invest the difference" on a tax deferred basis
*  save taxes and leave a legacy to your favourite charity

Professionals and Business owners can use Tax Free life insurance for:

  *  funding partnership Buy-Sell Agreements
*  protecting the business from the loss of a key employee
*  business loan and line-of-credit protection
*  split dollar retirement and protection for key employees
*  pay the capital gains taxes to ensure assets remain in the company or family
*  providing Supplemental Executive Retirement Programs
*  Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA)
*  Set-up a "turbo-charged" RRSP through an Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

A proper life insurance program will ensure that:

  *  your taxes are minimized during and after your lifetime
*  your family and loved ones will be financially protected
*  your estate is distributed in a timely and orderly manner
*  your goals for estate planning have been satisfied; i.e
    Wealth Creation, Accumulation, Preservation, and Transfer

Where else can you buy
$1 Tax Free
for only 2 to 3 cents per dollar?


Insurance policies are not created equal. Nuances in policy definitions and provisions can mean
the difference between rock solid protection and mediocre coverage ... getting paid vs. not getting paid.

Contact us to provide you with expert analysis and unbiased honest advice for your specific requirements!


Mortgage Insurance  /  Business Loan Insurance  /  Creditor Insurance



Are you protecting you and your family?
Are you protecting your bank?


In the event of your death, do you want the cash to go to your FAMILY
and let your beneficiaries decide what to do with the money
do you want the cash go directly to your BANK / mortgage lender?

In the event of a death or critical illness do you want the tax free cash to be paid to YOU
or your family to decide how best to use the money
do you want the cash to be paid to your BANK / mortgage lender?


We look after YOUR best interests not those of your Bank.
We protect you and your family not your Bank / mortgage lender.


Financial Institution Certificate
from your Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union

Personally Owned Policy
from your trusted professional Insurance Advisor




Who has Control?

*  Your financial institution is the Beneficiary
*  The institution holds the contract, you hold a Certificate
*  The institution or the insurance may cancel the

You have 100% Control

*  You appoint the Beneficiary of your choice
*  You hold and own the contract (i.e. the policy)
*  Only you have the right to cancel the policy


Do you have much Freedom?

*  Your protection cannot be moved to another institution
*  You must re-apply every time you change institutions
*  You must be in good health every time you re-apply
*  Coverage usually limited to primary residence

You have total Freedom

*  The policy follows you to the new institution
*  There is no need to re-apply
*  You still have protection if your health deteriorates
*  Applies to residential, commercial, or business loans


What is the extent of your Flexibility?

*  Coverage usually terminates at age 65
*  Coverage is limited to the mortgage balance
*  Coverage terminates when the mortgage is fully paid
*  Coverage terminates if you sell your home
*  No changes (or very limited changes) are permitted

You have complete Flexibility

*  Term insurance usually available to age 85
*  You may purchase any amount you require
*  Your coverage can continue to age 100
*  Policy continues
(if you wish) even if your home is sold
*  You have total control to make changes when needed

  Premiums ... Are you getting the best Value?

*  One price for all in your age group
*  Benefits decrease with your balance
*  But your premiums remain level (or can be increased)
*  Your coverage is not guaranteed and may be cancelled
*  Same rates for Smokers and Non-Smokers
*  Same rates for all customers regardless of health
*  Subject to 13% HST

You will get the best Value available on the market

*  You can choose from 10 top life ins. companies
*  Your benefits never decrease
*  Your premiums are guaranteed for the entire contract
*  Your contract is fully guaranteed
*  Discounts for Non-Smokers and Females
*  Discounts for customers in good health
*  No HST


Who provides Service when it is needed?

*  A financial institution employee will service you
*  Proceeds go directly to the financial institution

You will get trustworthy and knowledgeable Service

*  We will expertly look after your best interests
*  We will meet with your beneficiary to decide
    the best course of action appropriate at the time



Let us save you money, provide better protection,
and make sure the money goes directly to you / your family!


For your safety, applying for insurance has never been easier!

No medical exams  ... No blood ... No urine ... No needles

No nurses ... No stress tests ... No need to meet face-to-face.

Your application is taken over the phone by myself or on-line via Zoom.
We do not have to meet in person.


We are located in the forest city of London, ON and we serve clients in the GTA and all over Ontario.

For your safety, we no longer meet face-to-face. All meetings are done via telephone and Zoom.

Let's have a conversation about your needs and how we may be able to help you.

Tel: 519 860 9808

Toll Free: 1 844 416 6358


Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

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