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Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

Over 35 years of Specializing

Protecting the Health and Wealth of our Clients


Expertise, Honesty, Integrity, Professional and Trustworthy

These are the words that our clients use to describe us!


The Health Focus of our INSURANCE Expertise:


If you have trouble making ends meet while you are healthy and working, imagine if you
became injured or sick and had no income ... your bills and obligations will still continue!

  • 1st day Accident ...
     for ALL occupations and ALL activities
  • 1st day Sickness ...
     for ANY sickness (see below)

  • Cancer  /  Stroke  /  Heart Attack
    these "Big 3" make up 70% - 80%
    of all critical illness claims
  • Own Occupation Disability
    for professionals and executives
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness insurance
  • Long-Term Care insurance


Our 1st day Sickness protection offers you benefits during hospitalization and recovery for  *** COVID *** ... and
SARs, H1N1, MERs, Legionnaires', Meningitis, Lyme, Sepsis,  Lyme, Flu, Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Crohn's, Diabetes, MS, and any other illness or disease.


Insurance policies are not created equal. Nuances in policy definitions and provisions could mean

the difference between rock solid protection or mediocre coverage ... getting paid vs. not getting paid.

We will provide you with expert analysis and honest trusted advice for your specific requirements!


For your safety, applying for insurance has never been easier!

No medical exams  ... No blood ... No urine ... No needles

No nurses ... No stress tests ... No need to meet face-to-face.

Your application is taken over the phone by myself or on-line via Zoom.
We do not have to meet in person.


The Wealth Focus of our INVESTMENT Expertise:


The #1 worry for most retirees is ... Will our retirement income last as long as we do?


  Many retirees are desperately looking for ... 

Modest returns ... that produce more than the historical low yields of the bond market and
  the meek returns from high interest savings accounts and GICs

2. Guarantees ... and greater security than the volatile stock markets and mutual funds.

3. Cash Flow ... that provides consistent and Guaranteed monthly returns for LIFE.

4. Control
... to have flexibility, liquidity and choice of investments, yet maintain Guarantees.


Market volatility is here to stay in the stock market and mutual funds.
The global economy and global politics will ensure that market volatility is here to stay!

So what is the solution?

Guaranteed Income for LIFE

(click on the Income for Life tab for more information)



For your safety, applying for Guaranteed Income for Life has never been easier ... we have a conversation over the phone to discuss your goals and objectives and how we can help you minimize your risks.

All paperwork is taken by myself over the phone and on-line via Zoom.
We do not have to meet in person.




About Us and How We Can Help You

Our clients financial well-being and their security is paramount to everything we do. We strive continuously to protect the health of every client and to help them achieve their financial goals with the least amount of risk.

  Just as your personal physician is educated and trained to look after your physical and mental health ... Peter Lantos & Associates has over 35 years of experience  and expertise to look after your financial health and wealth.

We are your Financial Doctor!

We work hard to help you make informed decisions when it comes to Minimizing Your Risks, Maximizing Your Wealth and Protecting Your Financial Health.

As independent brokers, we are contracted with eight of Canada's leading insurance companies and we have access to another 10 companies on an as needed basis.

Our #1 objective is to look after your best interests! Our #1 goal is to help you sleep at night and give you peace of mind.


What Sets Us Apart from Other Advisors

We are independent brokers and represent several leading companies, each with multiple products, in order to offer you the very best recommendations and tailored solutions for your specific needs.
We are professional advisors, not salespeople.  Our sole objective is provide you with honest and expert advice. We always place your best interests ahead of our own.

As experts, we interpret the contracts' legalese and clearly explain everything to you so that you understand exactly what you are getting.

We can review your existing policies / investments, provide suggestions for possible improvements and create a report summarizing everything for you in plain English.
Accountability, responsibility and transparency is what we deliver.
Our promise to you ...
1. To provide honesty, integrity, professionalism, expert advice and peace of mind
2. To be there for you and your family not only during the good times, but also during
    the bad times (during a claim) when you need us the most.


Sooner or later most people will have a claim. We help our clients through maze of  legal, administrative, and medical paperwork that often bewilders clients.
We have the experience and the expertise to simplify the claims process to ensure that you get paid on a timely basis. We will help you complete all the necessary forms, offer guidance, and communicate with you at all times.

We work for you
, not the insurance company!


Peter has been a Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) since 1986


 We look forward to working with you
to help you
make smart choices and intelligent decisions
and to provide you with
comprehensive protection and cost effective solutions.


We are licensed and contracted to do business with the following companies,
but we also have access to almost every other company in the industry if needed.



We are located in the forest city of London, ON and we serve clients in the GTA and all over Ontario.

For your safety, we no longer meet face-to-face. All meetings are done via telephone and Zoom.

Let's have a conversation about your needs and how we may be able to help you.

Tel: 519 860 9808

Toll Free: 1 844 416 6358


Accident & Sickness Critical Illness Long-Term Care Life Insurance Income for Life

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